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They’re Not Coming! by Sheila Robinson-Kiss, MSW, LCSW

From our connections with our friends, family, and co-workers to how we interact with the cashier at the grocery store, there’s something strange going on in our relationships today.

If you’ve recently been left scratching your head and wondering what that “something” is, the right book has just found you.

While human beings weren’t looking, our lives and relationships took an evolutionary detour, leaving many of us feeling ditched in a harsh, frigid, new world, scrambling for a bit of warmth, and seeking answers to the most pressing questions of our time…

  • Where is all the hostility and tension coming from?
  • Is there something in the water that would explain the extreme behavior that is unfolding?
  • Why are our relationships more fragile than rice paper and disposed of as easily as moldy bread?

Dive into these pages and find out!


I’m Sheila Robinson- Kiss, and I’ve been educating individuals and organizations in the area of relationship engagement and management for nearly two decades. Harnessing the tools to get over the obstacles that our personal and work relationships can bring us is the single greatest gift you can give yourself and or your work group. We experience life through our relationship with ourselves and others.

Whether you’re feeling stagnant, frustrated by a personal relationship, or fed-up with a dysfunctional work situation I provide you with the tools, resources, and insight to gain an advantage perspective, remove obstacles, take control, and shape the business success and life you absolutely deserve. Understanding is the key to positive change.

Those who understand the nuances involved in managing relationships in today’s complex environment are far more likely to succeed in business and life. I craft high impact programs that draw on clinical research, professional expertise, and personal failures and triumphs across relationship domains, to get you where you want to go.

I’ve created a number of dynamic products with one specific goal in mind- to infuse you with the focus, clarity, and mindset needed to live your best life possible!





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