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– Antonina Radeva

Sheila, you are amazing! Thanks for the truth and the reminder! I so needed that. :*


– Carol DeSarno

Hi Sheila….I just watched your video. Thank You. I have been dealing with manipulating people at my Job. I have drawn the line, and there was a Blow-out…..I am strong, and I am standing my ground. They are not happy, but they didn’t care how I felt while they were manipulating me, so why should I care how they feel. …. .Thank You again. You are a Good Teacher…..


– Grace Colleen

Perfectly said Sheila. The benefit of the doubt is something I rarely give anymore. Thank you for the validation. Peace.


– Stacy Lee

you have help me through so much ty you are a blessing….


– Judy Fields Davis

Thank you Sheila..I was just can’t thank you enough. I am single by choice and fear, met someone who seemed decent and was just bambuzzled by a narcissist. Thrown away like garbage. Still in a state of disarray. I just purchased your book from Amazon “They’re Not Coming.” Kindle version. You are truly a God send. Took your advice from your video “What happened? You’ve changed! Surviving The New Relationship Environment” I dropped the hot potato you spoke up in your video and finally had a decent night sleep.


– Danny Crout

I love your real-life, down-to-Earth examples! This was very helpful and informative. Thank you for providing this video.


– Carol McLoughlin

thank you for your videos you are really awesome and very inspiring. You have a very soothing voice and you understand how people think very well. I find this very helpful, keep going.


– Liza Muniz

Hi! Do you have a podcast Chanel ? I would love to have you on my podcast subscribes. Your videos have really made me understand a lot of confusions and build up inner strength. Thank you so much for sharing such a talent. keep making videos I love them!


– Jason Washington

After looking at a lot of videos on this subject of passive aggressive I see that I’m that type. I never thought that I was until it was brought to my attention from a girl I was trying to get to know, which we had to end the relationship because of this. Not trying to put blame on it but this what I had to deal with in past relationships. I don’t want to be this way at all. I lost a very dear friend because of this, can anyone help me out?